A day in my life

I wrote this post for an event I did with some other authors at the Romantic Times conference a few years ago. It was fun to see, especially since my life has changed so much in the past few years since Hayes came along. Anyway, here’s a typical day in my life.

A day in the life of Cindy Holby

8:00. Wake up to the sight of a loudly purring kitty on my chest. Can’t move legs because of another kitty. Third kitty beside me. All three giving me feed me now stare.

Let dog out. Open can of cat food while cats climb my leg. Feed two cats. Spoon feed picky cat and rub her tummy. Let dog in. Let cat out. Let cat in. Let another cat out. Let first cat out again. Keep kitten from dashing outside. Stand at door for five minutes while two cats decide which one will walk in first. Let dog out. Let dog back in. Then repeat above process with cats all over again.

Send plays to all my words with friends games. Check face book, check twitter, check email.

9:00 Go to gym for cardio and weights. Tell dog how wonderful he is when I come home and he meets me at the door.

10:00 check facebook, twitter and shower. Pick up house and laundry. Keep kitten from knocking everything off bathroom counter.

11:00 Commence writing. Picky cat decided writing position is also proper I want attention position. Cat sits on keyboard directly in front of monitor. Check fb incessantly and play spider solitaire 80 million times. Remove cat from desk. Agonize over small word count. Check fb and play spider solitaire another 80 million times. Pet cat.

1:00 Fix lunch and repeat above process of letting cats in and out. Carry lunch and cookies to office. Decide to write 10,000 words today. Check fb and play spider solitaire until 4:00.

4:00 Walk dog. Start dinner or make plans for dinner. Actually write and be under full head of steam when its time to eat/leave for dinner.

7:00 Ballroom dancing class.

9:00 Catch up on TV or write if nothing good on DVR until dog demands another potty break. Repeat cats in and out process for next fifteen minutes.

12:00 Go to bed and spend next hour in self recrimination because didn’t write enough. Repeat next day.




About cindyholby

I am a multipublished author who volunteers with the local humane society. I write under the names Cindy Holby, Colby Hodge and Kassy Tayler
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