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I’m giving away an ARC of Ashes Of Twilight here.

Also my Prism award winning time travel Twist is available on Kindle and Nook. I just love the new cover.  

Busy writing the second book in the Ashes trilogy. The title is Shadows Of Glass and its expected release date is sometime next summer.

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Where an author asks why?

It’s been two years since I’ve had a release.  Two long years of trying to keep my career alive in the every changing marketplace. I am thrilled to be writing for a new publisher and excited about my new series, Angel’s End.  The only thing that doesn’t excite me is figuring out how to promote my book.  The problem is publishers have expectations.  They expect you to have thousands of twitter followers.  They want you to have 5000 likes on your fan page.  They want you on all of the social media outlets, they want you to do blog tours, and they ask you to do it all by yourself while you are trying to write the next book.  What’s an author to do? 

My question is, as readers, what do you respond too?  Besides being just another author tweeting buy my book! several times a day, what can an author do to get you to pick up her latest release and give her a try?  What drives you to an authors fan page and gets you to click the like button?  As a reader, I know what I like and don’t like, and I usually check out the books that final in the contests every year to find new authors.  That’s exactly how I found my auto buys.

everything is better with kittens

As long as you’re here and pondering that question, check out my new series Angel’s End.  It’s a story of redemption and forgiveness and its set in a fictional town in Colorado in the late 1800’s. It also has a kitten because it my opinion, everything is better with kittens. I included the kitten, Ashes, along with a stray dog, Lady, because of my work with animal rescue. And if you can take the time to like my facebook page, www.facebook.com/cindyholbybooks or follow me on www.twitter.com/cholby  I would appreciate it so very much. I don’t say buy my book that often but I, like very other author, say it occasionally.

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A do-over

I’ve done a few other blogs during release month and thought I’d post them here in case my readers missed them in the internet wilderness.  This one was featured on Mia Marlowe’s blog.

You’ve heard the saying desperate times call for desperate measures?  Well that’s exactly where I found myself two years ago.  In very desperate times.  After writing fourteen books for the same publisher I suddenly found myself orphaned when the same publisher went out of business.  I wasn’t exactly making a living either as the same publisher had quit paying me around five years ago.  Broke and homeless, that was me, and if something didn’t happen soon I was going to have to go out and get a real job, one where you have to put on dress clothes and leave the house. I had submitted to several different houses at the same time publishing was going through its crisis and the economy was tanking.  It was a very sobering time for a lot of us.

But then I realized something.  I could have a do-over. I had a  chance to start fresh and new with a new series and new characters and hopefully a new publishing house. And the town of Angel’s End Colorado was born.  It’s a lovely little town nestled against the Rocky Mountains. It’s a place for new beginnings even though it was the end of the road for an angel statue that was abandoned by someone who realized that it would slow them down in their trek over the mountains. The town grew up around the statue that is forever standing in the middle of town, welcoming any and all who come in hopes of a new start. 

My hero, Cade Gentry gets a do-over also.  He’s wasted his life up to the point where the story starts and has spent a lot of time blaming other people for his circumstances.  Its not until he winds up wounded in the town of Angel’s End, Colorado and meets the sheriff’s widow, Leah Findley,  that he realizes that he desperately wants to start over again and this time make the right decisions.

The only problem is he’s already made the mistake of lying to everyone in town.  You see, they think he’s the new minister.  At least that’s who they were expecting and when the townsfolk find a wounded man lying at the foot of the stone angel statue during a blizzard they think Cade is Pastor Timothy Key.  Especially since Cade has Timothy’s letter of introduction in his pocket.

It also doesn’t help that Cade is seriously attracted to Leah, and adores her son Banks.  What’s an outlaw to do but pretend he is the pastor until he can heal up and be on his way?  But the longer he stays, the deeper in love he falls and the bigger the lies become. Now Cade has to decide if he should cut and run or admit to his lies.  All he wants is another chance.  A chance to do things right this time. But are his lies too much for Leah to forgive?

I hope you enjoy my fictional town of Angel’s End, Colorado.  It’s full of people like Cade, who are all looking for another chance. Just like me.

Angel’s End is from Berkley Publishing and is out May 1 2012. The sequel, Colorado Heart will be out this November.

You can find Angel’s End on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Berkley-Sensation-Cindy-Holby/dp/0425248410/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335805005&sr=8-1

Barnes&Noble  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/angels-end-cindy-holby/1104879518?ean=9780425248416

My web site  www.cindyholby.com

Facebook  www.facebook.com/cindyholbybooks

Twitter  www.twitter.com/cholby

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Oh the angst!

Part of being a writer and releasing your baby (book) out into the world is waiting to see how its received.  After two weeks I’m pleased to say so far so good.  I’ve gotten one bad review, which I won’t talk about, and recently this great review from the The Good, The Bad and The Unread. http://goodbadandunread.com/2012/05/14/review-angels-end-by-cindy-holby/

Also I’ve had two wonderful signings so far, one here in Winston Salem at a local indy book store and another in Princeton WV at the local Wal-mart.  I’m signing at our local Barnes and Noble this week and the end of the month I’ll be doing Lady Janes Salon in Raleigh.

Meanwhile I’m hard at work on the second book in my YA series, which I’m calling Shadows Of Glass.  Of course whether or not that sticks depends on the publisher.  I’ll have a few more weeks of release angst and then have to go through it double in Nov when with my next two releases.  Until then, I’ll just bask in the glow a bit.

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Release Day!

I don’t know of any authors who don’t get the jitters on release day.Its a day full of wondrous possibilities, yet its also a day of angst. Will they love it? Will it sell? Will I have hundreds of this book sucks reviews up on all the sites or will there be sweet I loved it and you must read it comments? Will I get any buzz? Will my friends retweet and comment on facebook to get the buzz going. Will this book sell well enough to keep the series going? All I know is it’s impossible for me to get any actual writing done today so I might as well just bask in the happy/angsty glow of release day.

So here it is. Isn’t the cover pretty? Doesn’t it just draw you into the town and the story?

In the mountains of Colorado, a small town called Angel’s End welcomes everyone with open arms—even a man fleeing his past…

Wounded and on the run, Cade Gentry stumbles into a kind man who’s on his way to become the new pastor of Angel’s End. But not long after Timothy Key takes him in, Cade’s enemies catch up with him, and the young pastor is killed in the crossfire. Cade survives, stealing Timothy’s identity to escape, and arrives in Angel’s End on the brink of death.

Leah Findley is the sheriff’s widow, trying to make ends meet for herself and her son. Having the new minister as a boarder will help, but she isn’t expecting him to be wounded when he arrives. And she definitely isn’t expecting the feelings that the new preacher stirs deep inside her.

The more time Cade spends with Leah, the deeper he falls in love. To Cade, she’s an angel who’s saved his life and given him the sense of hope he’s never known. But he’s not the man she thinks he is, and before he can find permanent shelter in Leah’s arms, he must learn to have faith and put his former sins to rest…

You can find Angel’s End here…http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Berkley-Sensation-Cindy-Holby/dp/0425248410/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335885187&sr=8-1

Or here…http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/angels-end-cindy-holby/1104879518?ean=9780425248416

And at Wal-mart and any other venue that sells books.   I really hope you enjoy it.  And if you do, do me a favor and tell other people about it so they can enjoy it too.

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Romantic Times convention, 2012 Chicago

I always look forward to the Romantic Times convention. Its at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare from Wednesday April 11 until Sunday April 15. I can’t wait to catch up with my friends and make new ones.  There’s dancing every night, panels and mixers every day, its a book lovers dream come true!

Here’s a run down of the appearances I’ll be making while in Chicago.  On Wednesday from 1-2 I’ll be on the Science Fiction Panel, Popular Tropes and Themes, & How to Write SF that Dazzles with Ann Aguirre, Beth Reavis, Cindy Spencer Pape and Linnea Sinclair.

Then Wednesday at 2:15 is time for the Western Reader Round-up.  There will be prizes, TV western Trivia and line dancing.  Pull on your books, grab your hat and come along to the round-up. The authors include CH Admirand, Vivian Arend, Lori Armstrong, Cindy Holby (hey that’s me) Cat Johnson, Janette Kenny, Amanda McIntyre, Bobbie Smith and Beth Williamson.   Did I mention Mr. Romance 2011 Len Gunn and contestant Scott Nova will be there for pictures?  It’s going to be a rocking good time. 

On Saturday at 5:00 I’ll be part of the Romance Readers Town Meeting with Cherry Adair, Beth Ciotta, Mari Freeman, Sabrina Jeffires, Keiran Kramer, Deb Marlowe, Katharine Ashe and Isabelle Drake. There will be lots of prizes and some games and a chance for you to ask questions about the writer’s life.

And then there’s the ginormous book fair Saturday from 11-2 at the Hyatt. Hundreds of authors will be signing and its your chance to meet your favorite ones.

I hope to see you in Chicago!

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog. I changed sites as I got locked out of my old blog. Don’t know how it happened, it just did and here I am starting all over again.

I don’t mind it so much as I had to start my career all over again also. I had published 14 books since 2002 with my old publisher, Dorchester, who went out of business. Its a horrible and depressing story and I’ve put it behind me and as I said, I started all over again.

I have two new publishers, two new series coming and high expectations for this next part of my career. I hope you will join me on my journey about my writing life, my life in general and my experiences as a volunteer at the local animal shelter and the humane society.  I’ll try to make it interesting.


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