A do-over

I’ve done a few other blogs during release month and thought I’d post them here in case my readers missed them in the internet wilderness.  This one was featured on Mia Marlowe’s blog.

You’ve heard the saying desperate times call for desperate measures?  Well that’s exactly where I found myself two years ago.  In very desperate times.  After writing fourteen books for the same publisher I suddenly found myself orphaned when the same publisher went out of business.  I wasn’t exactly making a living either as the same publisher had quit paying me around five years ago.  Broke and homeless, that was me, and if something didn’t happen soon I was going to have to go out and get a real job, one where you have to put on dress clothes and leave the house. I had submitted to several different houses at the same time publishing was going through its crisis and the economy was tanking.  It was a very sobering time for a lot of us.

But then I realized something.  I could have a do-over. I had a  chance to start fresh and new with a new series and new characters and hopefully a new publishing house. And the town of Angel’s End Colorado was born.  It’s a lovely little town nestled against the Rocky Mountains. It’s a place for new beginnings even though it was the end of the road for an angel statue that was abandoned by someone who realized that it would slow them down in their trek over the mountains. The town grew up around the statue that is forever standing in the middle of town, welcoming any and all who come in hopes of a new start. 

My hero, Cade Gentry gets a do-over also.  He’s wasted his life up to the point where the story starts and has spent a lot of time blaming other people for his circumstances.  Its not until he winds up wounded in the town of Angel’s End, Colorado and meets the sheriff’s widow, Leah Findley,  that he realizes that he desperately wants to start over again and this time make the right decisions.

The only problem is he’s already made the mistake of lying to everyone in town.  You see, they think he’s the new minister.  At least that’s who they were expecting and when the townsfolk find a wounded man lying at the foot of the stone angel statue during a blizzard they think Cade is Pastor Timothy Key.  Especially since Cade has Timothy’s letter of introduction in his pocket.

It also doesn’t help that Cade is seriously attracted to Leah, and adores her son Banks.  What’s an outlaw to do but pretend he is the pastor until he can heal up and be on his way?  But the longer he stays, the deeper in love he falls and the bigger the lies become. Now Cade has to decide if he should cut and run or admit to his lies.  All he wants is another chance.  A chance to do things right this time. But are his lies too much for Leah to forgive?

I hope you enjoy my fictional town of Angel’s End, Colorado.  It’s full of people like Cade, who are all looking for another chance. Just like me.

Angel’s End is from Berkley Publishing and is out May 1 2012. The sequel, Colorado Heart will be out this November.

You can find Angel’s End on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Angels-Berkley-Sensation-Cindy-Holby/dp/0425248410/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335805005&sr=8-1

Barnes&Noble  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/angels-end-cindy-holby/1104879518?ean=9780425248416

My web site  www.cindyholby.com

Facebook  www.facebook.com/cindyholbybooks

Twitter  www.twitter.com/cholby


About cindyholby

I am a multipublished author who volunteers with the local humane society. I write under the names Cindy Holby, Colby Hodge and Kassy Tayler
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